Sunday, May 10, 2009


I sit on the stairs,
with my head propped in my hands.
The tears keep teasing me,
and come back for more.
They stain my cheeks,
the smell of salt in the air.
My eyes are stinging,
red from no sleep.

I'm abandoned, left alone,
on a stair case.
You took him,
and left me.

The walls are falling apart,
the windows shattered.
The doorway is blocked,
from rocks that keep falling down.
The roof is busted,
water leaks above, drowning out the tears.

The tornado is long gone,
and so are you.
The only one in visible sight,
the only one still alive.
My hand starts to shake,
for I am crying yet again.

I get up, weak from exhaustion,
my mouth peels open from dehidration.
I lift my open mouth to one of the leaking spots,
the single drop that enters my mouth.

The only thing I have left is my memory,
no pictures are left of you, not even a drawing.
I mourn for you,
but nothing is left to do.

So I wait and wait and wait,
until you come and take me with you.

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