Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Three Magic Words

The secret I have on the tip of my tongue,
The secret I have in the middle of you and me.
The lies that float in your head,
The lies that spill out over me.
The thoughts that keep repeating,
The thoughts that never slip away.
Just ask the truth you want,
The word or phrase that is the answer.
The peace maker of the start,
Just ask me to follow us.
Just tell me you love me,
Three magic little words.

Coming back

We lost each other over the summer,
Not knowing what street to take.
The signs keep hitting you in the face,
But they are telling you to not follow.

I've never spent this much time away from you,
But the clock keeps ticking by.
Until I get it right,
I need to fast forward.

I've never felt this way before,
The lies ware off.
As I realize the truth,
I need to stop the haze.

I shouldn't keep this from you,
The positive and the negative.
Even if you might turn around,
That maybe you'll come back.

But now we're back in the fall,
The fall we took in the summer collided.
Now the secrets hidden on my lips are opening,
Now that I have you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I sit on the couch,
with my head thrown back.
I sigh with contentment,
from the scene thats before me.
You and Me..
You sit there next to me,
holding my hand.
I look up at you,
and smile.
You look down and smile back.
You get up,
and leave me to think.
My eyes start to close,
while I drift into a deep sleep.
You come back,
I hear your feet on the carpet.
You plop down on the couch,
which wakes me from my slumber.
You lean towards me and give me a peck on the cheek,
I love you I say.
"I love you too."
So I'm just trying to tell you I'll love you forever and more.


The smell catches my nose,
That sends me on a jagged path.
The taste enters my mouth,
And I can't stop from tasting until no more.
The look of it makes my mouth water,
The sweet red mist pours out.

The only word you can say to stop me is,
I love you.
It drowns out the blood,
The only thing I listen to.
Your mouth opens,
"I love you", you say through the pain.
I stop right on the path,
And instead of finishing the last of you,
I save your life for mine.

Should I?

Should I be afraid?
Of you behind the mask?
Should I be afraid?
Please just come and tell me the truth,
The truth that will dissolve the lies.
The lies that are the breaking relationship between us,
Our relationship that is on the last string.
Just open up your mouth and tell me.

Am I not worth your time?
Just come back to me,

with your true colors shining.
I put up a fake smile,
while the hatred wells up inside.
Please is the only word I can say,
while I am drowning in my own blood.

Open Book

I am an open book as you say,
everyone peels out the thoughts of what I am.
They look deeper into my eyes,
and find untold secrets.
They tear and take everything in reach,
until there is no more to be looked upon.
The source of it is the beholder behind the mask,
they keep fighting and coming back for more.
I feel their stares behind my back,
their gossip that laces their lips.
But should I give into it and tell them what they want to hear?
All the lies they put me up to,

no more room for truth.
Even though they mistake them for lies,
I fight back until the open book leaves.


Just let me be myself,
forced in a fake smile.
Let me shed these feelings,
Of those of me within.
Let me be who I want to be,
not who you trapped and took from me.
Let me close my eyes and be free,
until the core of my heart wears off.
Let me be me,
just a little expression of who I thought I was.
Not you, or who you took and kidnapped,
laced along my lips is the truth.
Not far behind.


I sit and wait until time grows shorter.
The days feel longer and the nights littler.
I wait for a day that feels long gone.
Until I will be able to see you again.
But, for now, I wait and do nothing but that.
Still weeks from now.
Time has hardly passed it seems.
Until I come and see you face to face.


I sit on the stairs,
with my head propped in my hands.
The tears keep teasing me,
and come back for more.
They stain my cheeks,
the smell of salt in the air.
My eyes are stinging,
red from no sleep.

I'm abandoned, left alone,
on a stair case.
You took him,
and left me.

The walls are falling apart,
the windows shattered.
The doorway is blocked,
from rocks that keep falling down.
The roof is busted,
water leaks above, drowning out the tears.

The tornado is long gone,
and so are you.
The only one in visible sight,
the only one still alive.
My hand starts to shake,
for I am crying yet again.

I get up, weak from exhaustion,
my mouth peels open from dehidration.
I lift my open mouth to one of the leaking spots,
the single drop that enters my mouth.

The only thing I have left is my memory,
no pictures are left of you, not even a drawing.
I mourn for you,
but nothing is left to do.

So I wait and wait and wait,
until you come and take me with you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I followed you with curious eyes,
not knowing about the surprise.
I look and glare,
while you invite me with a stare.
Will this ever be the same again?
or will it just want to begin?
Is it the fact that you want to win,
the part of your heart made of tin.
Just restart, replay, and redo.
While I sit and watch until you do.