Thursday, June 10, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4
tell me that you love me more.
5, 6, 7, 8
let this be our eternal fate.

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you really love something, you dont wanna let go. but sometimes you have to let go if its for the best. it may hurt but you know it would be the right thing. Take this advice and keep it tucked close to your heart. Just remmember that your loveD!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The rain slowly turns to a light mist as the sunset hits the edge of the horizon. My eyes long to see the wisdom you share, my ears long to hear you whisper all your thoughts. I wish to remember the days when I knew where i was going. I long for the adrenaline to rush in my veins. I can almost feel it coming back to me, but it always seems out of reach. The faded dreams were from past years that are soon to disappear in history. But we all know that history soon....repeats itself. My vision is blurry on the edges. I see scars everywhere but don't recall how they appeared there? The walls of this jail cell call me....they call to me, speak to me. But is it real? Or am I just confused from all the screaming i hear in this place everyday and every hour? The people here act as if everything is okay. As if we aren't here for a certain reason. Everyone here has a story behind them. Like your own special secret..I'm starting to remember bits and pieces.. I wish I could relive it, to see what truly happened and why I'm here? I need some help...from this place i do wish to be free from.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a connection

what is this feeling,
when your heart is in pain?
it won't go away..
it stays in place taunting your heart.
the pounding gets harder,
hurting my rib cage.
my mind keeps racing to that one person,
cant stop thinking about him.
as i make a wish,
my eyes fill up with tears.
i just need a connection,
just one more chance to hear his voice,
to see his face.
his dimpled smile.
but now he is with someone else,
i didn't have a chance to tell him...
i love him <3

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Three Magic Words

The secret I have on the tip of my tongue,
The secret I have in the middle of you and me.
The lies that float in your head,
The lies that spill out over me.
The thoughts that keep repeating,
The thoughts that never slip away.
Just ask the truth you want,
The word or phrase that is the answer.
The peace maker of the start,
Just ask me to follow us.
Just tell me you love me,
Three magic little words.

Coming back

We lost each other over the summer,
Not knowing what street to take.
The signs keep hitting you in the face,
But they are telling you to not follow.

I've never spent this much time away from you,
But the clock keeps ticking by.
Until I get it right,
I need to fast forward.

I've never felt this way before,
The lies ware off.
As I realize the truth,
I need to stop the haze.

I shouldn't keep this from you,
The positive and the negative.
Even if you might turn around,
That maybe you'll come back.

But now we're back in the fall,
The fall we took in the summer collided.
Now the secrets hidden on my lips are opening,
Now that I have you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I sit on the couch,
with my head thrown back.
I sigh with contentment,
from the scene thats before me.
You and Me..
You sit there next to me,
holding my hand.
I look up at you,
and smile.
You look down and smile back.
You get up,
and leave me to think.
My eyes start to close,
while I drift into a deep sleep.
You come back,
I hear your feet on the carpet.
You plop down on the couch,
which wakes me from my slumber.
You lean towards me and give me a peck on the cheek,
I love you I say.
"I love you too."
So I'm just trying to tell you I'll love you forever and more.