Monday, April 20, 2009

What are we her for?

What are we?
Are we merely just here to live?
For what?
Are we here to just do nothing?
Are we just destroyers of what we live on?
Do we just kill off planets one by one?
What is our purpose to live for?
Do we just kill off what we started?
We should give back what we take.
Share the opportunity of life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today my family and I colored eggs.
We put confetti in them.
That's what me and my family do.
On easter we crack open the confetti eggs on eachothers heads!!
The density of the fall changed your perspective.
You fell to the ground, but that didn't hurt you.
Life hit you fast and hard....

Free Falling

Live your life the way you want it,
climb to the top and don't fall off the edge.
Cause when you fall,
you crash hard....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


You walk with a grudge,
Down the hall you trudge.
You stare back at me,
I try to flee.
What happened to us?
Now you always just fuss.
Have you lost your mind?
Are you unalligned?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Edge of Denial

The lies you hid from me,
made you so slick.
The things you said to me,
made me shudder for myself.
The hurt you put me through,
made all the possible turn to dust.
The relief you left me in when it was over,
made you fall in the edge of denial.

13 Reasons Why

I thought I was saving you,
but it turned out I was doing just the opposite.
I pushed you closer and closer to your death,
falling off the edge of insanity.
Couldn't take it any more,
so you decided for everything to stop.
You crushed me to the point where I couldn't take it,
So, why I ask you.... Why would you do it to us?
Take away your life to make it better for you?
I thought I could help you,
but you pulled away from me.
One last hope wouldn't change your mind either,
You were set and ready to go.
You just let go and relaxed for what was to come.....
By By......Hannah. :(