Friday, March 26, 2010

The rain slowly turns to a light mist as the sunset hits the edge of the horizon. My eyes long to see the wisdom you share, my ears long to hear you whisper all your thoughts. I wish to remember the days when I knew where i was going. I long for the adrenaline to rush in my veins. I can almost feel it coming back to me, but it always seems out of reach. The faded dreams were from past years that are soon to disappear in history. But we all know that history soon....repeats itself. My vision is blurry on the edges. I see scars everywhere but don't recall how they appeared there? The walls of this jail cell call me....they call to me, speak to me. But is it real? Or am I just confused from all the screaming i hear in this place everyday and every hour? The people here act as if everything is okay. As if we aren't here for a certain reason. Everyone here has a story behind them. Like your own special secret..I'm starting to remember bits and pieces.. I wish I could relive it, to see what truly happened and why I'm here? I need some help...from this place i do wish to be free from.