Thursday, March 19, 2009


What once was, isn't any more.
What once was...
Holding my hand, with laughter and joy.
Soft kisses every week.
There was that one single person.
That one single girl that stood out from the rest.
Always staring at you, with those fake eyes.
I stole a look in the hall.
You and her were there.
Laughing and giggling.
Soft kisses just like you gave me.
A bubble of fear and anger went through me,
Tears started pouring down my cheeks.
I fleed from the scene before it got worse.
Acting as if nothing happened a few hours ago,
You come out and grab a hold of my hand!
I pulled away from you,
you having a confused look.
I just gave him a wicked smile and walked away from him..

Saw you in the hall again.
Saw you watching what once was for me.
That girl giggling with someone else.
Soft kisses just like he gave her and me.
He turned aroung,
With shock and misery on his face,
He gasped at me and fell in my arms.
Nothing I could do but comfort him.

Now what once was, never happened.
You are mine and I am yours.

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